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Health Benefits of Whitefish

Health experts with the U.S. Dietary Guidlines Advisory Committee & The American Heart Association, recommend that  everyone eat at least 8-12 ounces (6-9 ounces after cooking) of seafood each week, with at one serving of fish highest in OMEGA - 3 oils...such as "Lake Whitefish".

Fish from a Cold Water environment, like Lake Whitefish, are especially high in "Omega" - 3 fatty acids (Very Good for your Heart!) fact one serving of Lake Whitefish provides more Omega - 3 than Pink or Sockeye Salmon.

Americans eat 17 times as much Omega - 6 fatty acids as they eat Omega - 3...which is Very Unhealthy! Usually the Omega - 6 is eaten in the form of vegetable oils.

Ideally, people should eat  "5 Times More" Omega - 3's than Omega- 6 and again, Lake Whitefish have one of the "Highest " Omega- 3 counts of any fish!

Don't risk your health buying fish such as Tilapia from China or Indonesia, as these fish are not only not healthy due to contamination and antibiotics...but Tilapia are a Omega - 6 "Warm Water" fish and have been compared to eating "French Fries" as far as your Heart is concerned!

So in closing, "Eat Lake Whitefish" and help support "American Commercial Fishing"...Thank You!