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How we fish

We use two different types of gear to catch Whitefish...

(1)  The traditional TRAP NET...which is basically a "Fixed Gear" ...meaning that the net is placed in one location, with the Whitefish "leading" only a wall of netting and collecting inside of what is called the "Pot".

The Trap Net is then lifted to the surface every couple of days and the fish removed from the Pot, by hand scooping them out.  The Whitefish are then measured to make sure that the are over 17"...which is the law in Michigan and Wisconsin and the smaller fish are released back to the are all Sport Fish, such as Trout, Salmon and Walleye, etc.

(2) The other method that we use is a TRAWL 

A gear by which our Trawler the "ROBERT LOUIS"  drags a net ( Trawl) through the water that is attached to "Trawl Doors" which spread the net open and then the Trawl Nets speed overcomes the fish as they collect in the final end of the net, called the "Cod End". Ruleau Bros. uses a very modern type of Trawl Door, which is Pelagic and does not touch or distrupt the Lake bottom as do traditional Trawl Doors.

The meshes in the Cod End must be 4.5" or larger and this allows the smaller than 17" whitefish to escape...keeping the larger ones. Most "Drags" are around one hour long. The Trawl is brought on board by hydraulic winches and the catch is put into "Slush Ice" containers, which each hold 800#.

At the end of the fishing day, both Trawl and Trap Net catches are trucked to our processing plant and are either Filleted or packed whole for shipment to New York, Chicago, etc.