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Our history

Our Family has a history of Commercial Fishing on Lake Michigan, that dates back to 1826.

Having first settled near Mackinac Island in Michigans UP, our ancestors then relocated to "Door County", WI. (Chambers Island) in 1850, Commercial Fishing and  building & operating the first Light House on Chambers Island.

The WILLIAMS / RULEAU Family has fished the Bay of Green Bay waters, West of Door County, Wi. for over 160 years and we remain one of the very last of the Commercial Fishing families that contributed to the settling of  the early wilderness.


By buying Imported Farmed fish from China and elsewhere, the American fish consumers are sending American Commercial Fishermen down the same road as we have sent our Small Town Factories and Jobs...lets change that...Buy American and Buy Quality!...get to know your Food Producer, First Hand!

With your support of our Small Family Owned Commercial Fishery...thru our Online Web Store / Farmers Markets or CSF Shares, you will be not only helping to make sure that this Rich History of Great Lakes Fishing survives for our future generations, to enjoy the benefits of eating "Great Lakes Whitefish"...but also enjoy today, a "Direct Link" from the Fisherman to you, for the best and freshest fish available!                                     

                                                                 Thank You!     R. Ruleau III