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The Whitefish

Lake Whitefish (Coregonus Clupeaformis) is the most valuable fish of the Great Lakes, it's exceptionally fine flavor has been extolled since the early French Explorers of the Great Lakes are a few quotes...

"The Lake Whitefish must be the "Best Fish in the World" !  Since all who have eaten it say they never grow tired of it and prefer it to all other meats that one could find" ( French Explorer, Antonine Denis Raudot ...1710 )

" More over , a better Fish cannot be eaten ! "  (French Explorer, de la mothe Cadillac ... 1695 )

"The Whitefish is most esteemed for the richness and delicacy of it's flavor and there is universal acquiescence in the opinion, That nothing of the fish kind can exel it  !"  ( Henry Schoolcraft ... 1820 )

Lake Whitefish offer versatility, value and has a "sweet light flavor" that many who don't like fish can appreciate. It's mildness makes it perfect for a variety of dishes and it adapts to almost any method of cooking...

Along with being packed with high quality Omega - 3, vitamins and minerals...the Lake Whitefish is a great "Heart Healthy" alternative to the questionable Imported Fish from Indonesia and China. Don't risk your  Lake from the Commercial Fishermen that catch them!